The Biomaterials in Dentistry Group (db), with Prof. Manuel Toledano as Head Researcher, is focused on the study, characterization and development of novel biomaterials and applied research strategies, trying to improve oral health and society wellbeing.

Current research includes: 1) Adhesion of resin-based materials to tooth hard tissues, 2) creating scaffolds with hierarchical porous structures using non-degradable polymers and 3) development of polymeric nanoparticles doped with different ions as strategy to control cell behavior, antibacterial effects, remineralization and tissue integration and regeneration.

Main goals are: 1) Synthesis and design of smart biomaterials suited for technology transfer and for clinical application in endodontics, restorative dentistry and periodontology, 2) to provide an advanced knowledge for materials research methodology and applications, implementing basic and applied science and technology of biomaterials to students, faculty/researchers and practicing dentists, 3) publishing in scientific journals listed at the Journal Citation Report and patenting to facilitate knowledge transfer to companies, and 4) leading competitive projects funded by National and European agencies as well as private agreements with companies interested in Biotechnology.